Local Bakers Score Custom Cookie Order From Khloe Kardashian

Over the past two years, Winnipeg’s Jennifer Strauman and Mary Lou Vendivil have been serving up simple sugar cookies in the cutest, coolest and most creative ways possible.

From superheroes and cartoon characters to our beloved Jets and all manner of animal, the local hobby bakers (and full-time laboratory technologists) behind Scientific Sweets have made edible art for summer, winter, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, godparent proposals and pretty much every other occasion imaginable. They’ve also created custom orders for businesses and even shipped a batch of portrait cookies to a family in Tokyo based solely on a photograph.

But the duo’s latest claim to fame is a custom order from none other than Khloe Kardashian.

After coming across Scientific Sweets on Instagram, the celebrity’s executive assistant reached out with a special request: Khloe and her two-month-old daughter True were returning home for the first time since the baby’s birth in April, and they wanted to celebrate with custom-made cookies.

Mommy’s Little Love

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After confirming the request was legit, Strauman and Vendivil happily took the job and got to work. Their finished collection featured portraits of both Khloe and True, along with flamingos, flowers and hearts.

“Being hobby cookiers in Winnipeg, we thought it was unreal. Just the thought of our cookies being seen by a celebrity was insane! We couldn’t turn it down.” – Scientific Sweets

Upon receiving the order, Kardashian showed her love and appreciation for the cookies on social media.

“I have never seen cuter cookies in all my life,” she said in a video posted to her Instagram account. Needless to say, her reaction – and Scientific Sweets – got a ton of press, including a feature on TMZ.

As for Strauman and Vendivil, they plan to continue working their day jobs at the Health Sciences Centre Laboratory and baking cookies for local craft markets.
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