My WPG: Lindsay Somers

My WPG is a monthly series introducing you to awesome Winnipeggers who share our passion for community-building and localism. In the first post, meet health enthusiast/fitness guru/Winnipeg lover Lindsay Somers.

 My story: I love to play outside, I love to use the city as my playground. I have a training studio in The Exchange, I do active community events like my learn-to-run program and skating in the winter, I did a pop-up hip-hop class, I do online fitness challenges. I really like using social media to engage people in movement. I also blog for The Forks and use Instagram to tell stories and visually show people what the city looks like and help them see it in a new way. Basically, I just like to live a happy and healthy lifestyle and find inspiration whatever I’m doing.

 My hood: I work in The Exchange and I live in a highrise in Osborne Village.

 My go-to takeout: East India Company.

 My ideal date: In warm weather, a bike ride and a traveling picnic. Wine and cheese, from Munson Park to The Forks to Assiniboine Park to Whittier Park. In winter, some cross-country skiing followed by Thermea.

 My guilty pleasure: I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but probably a cinnamon bun from Tall Grass Prairie.

 My favourite patio: 529 Wellington.

 My favourite coffee shop: Parlour.

 My favourite event: Interstellar Rodeo. Even though I’m not that into live music, I was a volunteer coordinator the first year, and the scale of it is so good. It’s almost more like background music, and you can drink wine. Love it.

 My best-kept secret: At Whittier Park there’s a trail that goes underneath the trail bridge along the Seine River. It’s got all this graffiti on it and it’s so beautiful, and I just love going running on it and riding my bike there. Every time I’ve brought anybody there, they had no idea it existed and thought it was amazing.

 My ideal day off: I’d probably start off with some Dogwood coffee at home, then I’d ride my bike to Clementine for breakfast. Then I’d ride my bike for a few hours and pop in on some friends. I love actually having no set plans and just kind of fluttering around, visiting with people and socializing. Then I’d probably end up on a patio, probably the 529 patio (laughs), hang out, eat good food, relax a bit and then head on home.

 My favourite local band: Oh, The Weakerthans. For sure. Even though they’re not really up to much anymore, I just love, love, love them. John (K. Samson) is actually a client of mine, and he’s just the most amazing human being and I’m so grateful to know him. I also have to throw in a band called The Bonaduces. They’re a punk band from the mid-90s, and they had a song on Dawson’s Creek. Also my husband happened to be the bass player (laughs). So yeah, I have to mention them. It’s my Jeopardy story.

 My favourite splurge: I’m gonna say dinner at Segovia. It’s just so good. And so, so worth it.

 My favourite place to take out of towners: I’d probably start with the boat tour at The Forks, then honestly I would just take them on a bike tour around the different neighbourhoods. One of the things that’s really neat about Winnipeg is just discovering the different identities of areas like The Exchange and Downtown and St. Boniface. I’m always so proud and excited to show off all these different communities to people, because it’s not really something locals notice or think about.

 Best bang for my buck: Baraka Pita. So good.

 One place I can’t walk into without buying something: There’s a place on Sherbrook called The Public General Store. They have the best stuff, I just love it.

 My favourite road trip or weekend away: I’m really loving the community of Lake Winnipeg. Just the vastness of that lake and the horizon is so peaceful and compelling. The way the light changes there is just phenomenal. It’s only an hour from the city, but it feels so much farther.

 One thing I want everyone to know about Winnipeg: You gotta dress for it. There’s always stuff to do, you just need to layer properly to enjoy it. And there’s just something I love about bundling up in winter; you’re non-gender, no one has any idea how old you are or even who you are, it’s super fun. It only takes two minutes to put on the layers, two minutes to take them off. There’s no bad weather, you just need to dress for it.

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