Red Ember pizza is now available year-round at The Forks

Over the past few years, Winnipeg has fallen in love with the Red Ember food truck. You know, that big red wood-fired pizza mobile serving up gourmet pies with the pillowy crust and drool-worthy farm-fresh toppings.

Since opening in the summer of 2013, the Starbuck-based food truck has set up at street festivals, the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market and along Broadway, serving up about 125,000 pies along the way. With amazing za, friendly service and their use of local ingredients, it’s no surprise the Red Ember has become such a hit with Winnipeggers. In fact, its only real flaw was that it’s seasonal.

Thankfully for pizza lovers, Red Ember goodness is now available year round. They officially opened at The Forks on Oct. 26, announcing the news with a photo of their first-ever customer on Instagram. With no wrong choices on the menu, he opted for the Twist and Sprout.

Located in The Common, the restaurant is in good company with the likes of Nuburger and Fools + Horses, and lets you enjoy your meal with a cold local brew or a glass of wine. The kitchen is outfitted with the only traditional Neapolitan electric Forza Forni pizza oven in Winnipeg. Hand-built in Italy, it gets as hot as 850 degrees Fahrenheit and can cook a pizza in 90 seconds.

Coming very very soon!

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But unlike the truck, The Red Ember Common is also serving up salads and appetizers. This meatball dish with tomato curry, cilantro peanut pesto and Calabrian pepper looks especially appetizing.

Not just pizza anymore. Meatballs, tomato curry, cilantro peanut pesto, Calabrian pepper.

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If you need a good excuse to pop by (as if the pizza isn’t reason enough), they’re also hosting one of the world’s top pizzaiolos at an epic pizza party on Nov. 18. See you there!

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