A Local's Guide To The Best Ice Cream Spots In Winnipeg

There’s a lot to love about summers in Winnipeg. The festivals, the patios, the backyard BBQs and, of course, the weather.

But the clincher may just be the city’s sweet selection of local ice cream shops. From cones to cups to sundaes to parfaits to mind-blowing creations you never even knew you needed, there’s enough frozen goodness to keep you and your sweet tooth satisfied all summer long.

Step aside DQ … here’s a list of the coolest local spots to grab ice cream in Winnipeg this summer.

Banana Boat, 166 Meadowood Dr.

If you live in Winnipeg and you like ice cream, you remember the iconic Banana Boat shop in South Osborne. You also remember, with heavy hearts, their closure in June 2017. And while the space at 390 Osborne has since been taken over by Chaeban, a pretty spectacular ice cream joint in its own right, Banana Boat is back with a new location in St. Vital. Located at 166 Meadowood Drive, Banana Boat 2.0 is serving up some of the best soft serve in the city, not to mention 16 flavours of hard ice cream (including a few sugar-free options) and – of course – their famous milkshakes and sundaes. But they’re also taking things to the next level with their rolled ice cream, which comes in flavours like blueberry, strawberry and matcha.

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BDI, 766 Jubilee Ave. 

The little shack by the bridge may just be Winnipeg’s most iconic ice cream spot – and for good reason. Since 1957, BDI has built its reputation on simple but delicious soft serve, perfectly creamy shakes and signature frozen treats like the Goog Special (an upside down blueberry shake with a hot fudge sundae and bananas topped with whipped cream), the Saltzberg (a Nutella-filled waffle cone with vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate dip, caramel drizzle, whipped cream and a hint of sea salt) and more. The lines may be long, but they’re oh-so worth it. Also, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for BDI’s Goog-To-Go food truck.

Black Market Provisions, 550 Osborne St.

Brought to you by the frozen treat game changers behind Pop Cart, Black Market offers up gourmet combinations like Blueberry Lavender Frozen Yogurt and Blood Orange Sherbet With Olive Oil & Dark Chocolate alongside nostalgic goodness like Buttered Toast With Strawberry Jam, Rice Krispie Square and Glazed Donut. Their recently-opened Osborne shop also carries tons of other goodies, from homemade baking to delicious soups.

Chaeban, 390 Osborne St.

Since opening last winter (only in Winnipeg would an ice cream shop open in December), Joseph Chaeban has been passing on his expertise in the dairy industry in the form of premium ice cream with clever names. We’re talking killer creations like Almond-o Salazar (toasted almonds candied in white chocolate before being mixed into a creamy almond butter and white chocolate base), Donnia Darcocoa (dreamy dark chocolate and cocoa powder with a hint of coffee) and more. Best of all, Chaeban is huge on supporting local. From the beets in Baba Beets to the strawberries in Prairie Barry to the milk in their ice cream, they source a ton of their ingredients from right here in Manitoba. Oh, and their ice cream flights make it possible to try up to four different flavours at once. Can’t beat that!

Chocolatier Constance Popp, 180 Provencher Blvd. 

Known best for her out-of-this-world chocolate creations, Constance also does a few frozen treats in the summer. And she does them really, really well. In addition to all-natural gelato, her shop carries homemade popsicles and delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches. New this year, all you chocoholics can also try the Constance Popp Fudge Bowl (chocolate ice cream, chunks of fudge, chocolate syrup, caramel bits and chocolates). And for all you folkies, be sure to check out her booth at Winnipeg Folk Fest.

Chocoberry, 470 River Ave.

Perfectly located in the heart of Osborne Village, Chocoberry Dessert House serves triple duty as a cafe, bakery and ice cream shop. In addition to their iconic collection of Chocotail drinks, drool-worthy waffle menu and delectable baked goods selection, they serve up ice cream creations like the Salted Caramel Sundae and the Green Tea Parfait, along with classic cones. They also have a cute little patio so you can people watch while enjoying your treat.

Dairy Delight, 467 St. Anne’s Rd.

Simple but delicious, Dairy Delight has been a St. Vital staple since 1996. In addition to delicious soft serve and a huge assortment of hard ice cream, they have homemade treats like chocolate-chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, frozen cone creations (like pumpkin pie soft serve dipped in chocolate and rolled in Reese’s Pieces) and unique milkshake flavours like cotton candy, bubble gum, apple pie and pistachio. New to the menu this year, they also have the Peanut Butter Dip, which is even more delicious than it sounds. For optimal snacking, enjoy your ice cream on Dairy Delight’s giant street-facing patio.

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Dairi-Wip, 383 Marion St.

Best known for its dynamite fat boys and delicious homemade fries, Dairi-Wip is a great spot to grab some ice cream in St. Boniface. Whether you go for a milkshake, a sundae, a banana split or a simple cone, you can’t go wrong.

Dug and Betty’s, 309 Des Meurons St.

Thanks to the Summer 2019 opening of a new neighbourhood ice cream shop, St. Boniface is now a little bit cooler. Brought to you by the local family behind InFerno’s Bistro, Dug & Betty’s serves up a fantastic selection of homemade frozen treats at the corner of Marion and Des Meurons. And they’re just as tasty as you thought they’d be. With experimental flavours like Ube and seasonal favourites like Strawberry Rhubarb, you really can’t go wrong. Best of all, they have a perfect patio for people watching and welcome doggos.

Eva’s Gelato, 101-1001 Corydon Avenue/9A-20 Island Shore Blvd.

OK, so it’s not technically ice cream, but Eva’s gelato is just too tasty to leave off the list. From coconut and cappuccino to a huge assortment of fruit flavours (including some dairy-free options) and the to-die-for nocciola (hazelnut), it’s pretty much impossible to decide how to fill your cup. But the gelato is just the beginning. Eva’s also sells shakes, floats, pre-made ice cream treats and gelato cakes. Honestly, their cone selection alone is worth a visit.

G.G. Gelati, 705 Corydon Ave.

As long as we’re talking gelato, we may as well include another classic. Established in 1995 by a family of local Italians, G.G. Gelati is the perfect stop before a summer evening stroll down Corydon. From refreshing flavours like strawberry, mango and mint to richer options like chocolate, Reese’s peanut butter cup and cookie dough, they have a little something for everyone. They also have more than a dozen types of dairy-free sorbetto, including kiwi, pink grapefruit, blood orange, pomegranate and more. This is Little Italy at its finest.

Half Moon Drive In, 6860 Henderson Hwy. (Lockport)

It’s a little bit out of the city, but Half Moon is so worth the drive. Serving up quality, homemade eats since 1938, the roadside restaurant is perfect for date nights, family celebrations and everything in between. Especially because their ice cream selection is so darn amazing. In addition to real cream soft serve and 20 hard ice cream flavours, they do sundaes, dips, milkshakes, comets (their local answer to the Blizzard), parfaits, floats, out-of-this-world banana splits and flavour bursts. They even have doggie dishes with ice cream and a doggie bone for your furry friend.

Le Monkey Bar, Esplanade Riel

Ever noticed that cute little blue shack on the Esplanade Riel? A little investigation would reveal an ice cream lover’s paradise. While their specialty is chocolate-dipped bananas (complete with toppings like sprinkles, nuts and – wait for it – dulce de leche crunchies), they also do delicious smoothies, sundaes and Monkey Shakes (a blend of bananas, dates, coconut milk and other goodies). But what truly sets Le Monkey bar apart is their focus on fresh and healthy ingredients. We’re talking organic bananas, local gluten-free organic oats, coconut chips. chocolate quinoa pops, almond milk, maple sunflower seeds and more. They also have a bunch of vegan options and a “health kick” add on for their smoothies (hemp hearts, flax seed, chia seed, cacao nibs, protein powder). But plan ahead: in May and June, they’re only open Thursday through Sunday.

Licks Ice Cream Patio, 20 Britannica Rd. 

If you’re driving down St. Mary’s on a warm summer evening, chances are you’ll see the lineup at Lick’s spilling into the parking lot. Family owned and operated since 1994, the shop is as well-known for its smiling staff and friendly service as it is for the ice cream. But don’t get us wrong – the ice cream alone is worth a visit. From their shakes to their swirls to their dips to their cones to their parfaits, you really can’t go wrong. The huge outdoor patio is just a bonus.

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Milksmith, 651 Corydon Ave.

Corydon’s newest sweet spot is exactly the kind of place you dreamed of as a child and can now enjoy as an adult. One part soda shop, one part cocktail bar (minus the booze), Milksmith serves up a ton of nostalgia and a whole lotta joy alongside tasty treats like milkshakes, hand-crafted beverages (featuring homemade syrups!), waffle pops and rolled ice cream with fun toppings like Fruity Pebbles, crushed Oreo and more. But Milksmith’s masterpieces don’t just taste great; their bright colours  and artsy aesthetic make them perfect for that next Instagram post. (And don’t forget to ask about the Secret Menu … shhh)

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Neon Cone, The Forks

Fairly basic as far as ice cream goes, but there are few better summertime activities than strolling around The Forks with frozen goodness in hand. Neon Cone serves up hard ice cream, six flavours of homemade gelati and three flavours of soft ice cream, as well as flurries, sundaes, shakes and parfaits. For a dairy-free alternative, try their tasty sno-cones.

Nucci’s Gelati, 643 Corydon Ave.

Another iconic family-run establishment in Littly Italy, Nucci’s was one of Winnipeg’s first spots to serve up non-dairy and sugar-free gelati. With a ton of flavours, more than 50 years’ experience and a prime location, Nucci’s can do no wrong.

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Park Line Coffee, 685 Osborne St.

Yes they serve up great coffee, but Park Line is about so much more than just your morning cup of joe. In addition to doughnuts, cookies, biscotti, and other baked goods, they do delicious gelato in flavours like Oreo, Black Cherry, Cookie Dough, classic Pistachio and many more. Their rotation also features some vegan options, like Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit. If you’re lucky, they may also have their Winnipeg-famous salted caramel cookie and vanilla gelati sandwich. Drool …

Sargent Sundae, 2053 Portage Ave.

When it comes to Winnipeg ice cream shops, Sargent Sundae is as classic as it gets. A short stroll from Assiniboine Park, the iconic Portage Avenue hot spot serves standard soft serve and hard ice cream along with classic chocolate malts, super thick shakes, dipped cones, a wild assortment of frozen treats including killer ice cream sandwiches, and to-die-for sundaes. Best of all, it’s open until 11 p.m., making those late-night ice cream cravings totally satisfy-able.

Soft Spot Ice Cream, Street Cart

There are so many things to love about Soft Spot Ice Cream. The millennial pink branding. The adorable pastel green bike cart. Basically, their entire aesthetic. But most of all, it’s the small-batch, super-fresh ice cream we can’t get enough of. From I Choo Choo Choose You (salted caramel, brown sugar, bananas and toffee bits) to Birthday Cake (Fruity Pebbles ice cream milk, white chocolate, sprinkles and cake) to Hazel, So Hot Right Now (organic dark chocolate, Nutella and Oreo), you really can’t go wrong. But best of all, Sweet Spot Ice Cream gives We Heart Winnipeg cardholders two cups for $8 (regular price $4.50 per cup).


Sub Zero, 298 Jamison Ave.

Tucked away in the Elmwood neighbourhood, Sub Zero is the definition of a hidden gem. In addition to excellent soft serve and solid selection of hard ice cream, they serve up some pretty unique goodies, like the Victoria Secret Parfait (vanilla soft serve with peanut butter, raspberry and crushed Oreo), the Minion parfait (vanilla soft serve with banana, peanut butter and crushed Oreo), the brand new “Down Under” parfait (vanilla soft serve layered with Nutella, cappuccino crumble, Tim Tam biscuits, chocolate hazelnut cream-filled wafer and more). And although we recommend going early and often, a visit in fall is well worth a taste of their Pumpkin Caramel Parfait and Pumpkin Cheesecake Parfait. And yep, they have treats for your pups too!

Supreme Ice Cream Shoppe, 1295 Jefferson Ave.

Halo-halo is a popular Filipino dessert with a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk. From the simple, like Banana con Yelo (shaved ice with milk and banana) to the extravagant, like Special Halo-Halo (shaved ice and evaporated milk with beans, coconut, sago, banana, and more), the Supreme Ice Cream Shoppe’s delightful desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth every single time.

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Sweet Tops, 949 Henderson Hwy.

Like most of the spots on this list, Sweet Tops serves up incredible soft serve, hard ice cream, frozen yogurt, sundaes and parfaits. But they also have some exclusive specialties, like the Extreme Cream (layers of slushie and soft serve vanilla ice cream), the Hot Fudge & Hot Caramel Milkshake and more. They also have a killer assortment of extravagant ice cream cakes, which are perfect for parties. Or, you know, a random Tuesday night in with your BFF.

Teeyah’s, 104-240 Graham Ave.

What Teeyah’s tiny downtown shop lacks in size, it more than makes up for in sweetness. With a rotating menu of 16 Manitoba-made hard ice cream flavours, like French Toast (French Vanilla ice cream, maple syrup sauce and mini French toast pieces), Monster Cookie (cookie ice cream, cookie pieces, Smarties and a blue marshmallow swirl), Royal Canadian Mint (mint ice cream, chocolate twister sauce, dark chocolate mint cups and chocolate chips), New York Cherry Cheesecake and more, you’ll definitely have to make multiple visits to try them all. And don’t even get us started on their soft serve. Made with a high mix of butterfat, it comes in flavours like vanilla bean and windmill chocolate, and is one of the creamiest and richest ice creams you’ll ever taste. To make your decision even harder, they also make delicious floats, some crazy candy-inspired creations and a mean ice cream sandwich made with chocolate cookie wafers.

We’ll be updating the list regularly, so let us know if we missed your fave and we’ll be sure to check to them out! 

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