This parody Narcity WPG account has us in stitches

If you can’t make fun of yourself, who can you make fun of?

A new Twitter account has popped up, and it’s taking that question to a whole new level. @NardcityWPG is a parody feed poking fun at both Narcity (an online media company with a reputation for listicles and clickbait) and our fair city of Winnipeg.

The first post appeared on Sept. 10, along with the tagline: You deserve Winnipeg.

At first glance, the account seems totally legit and can fool even the journalists among us.

A quick scroll through their feed, however, tells a different (and hilarious) story. But instead of taking cheap shots and low blows, the account really just says what we’ve all been thinking.

They chime in on everything from Winnipeg’s food scene …

To the city’s fashion sense …

And a certain program at Red River College …

And even our beloved Jets and their diehard fans.

At last count, @NardcityWPG had 450 followers and counting. Given the killer content and everybody’s need for a good laugh now and then, we bet that number’s about to get a LOT bigger.

It’s still a mystery who’s behind the account, and we’re in absolutely no hurry to find out. Because where’s the fun in that?

Well played, @NardcityWPG, well played.

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