Your Ultimate Guide to La Poutine Week in Winnipeg (With Pics)

As you (hopefully) know, Winnipeg will be taking part in the gastronomical glory that is La Poutine Week from Feb. 1-7.

Brought to us by the guys behind Le Burger Week, La Poutine Week launched in Montreal back in 2012 and has grown to include more than 160 restaurants across 10 Canadian cities. Winnipeg alone has more than 80 local restaurants signed up for the 2018 edition.

Much like summer’s successful Le Burger Week, La Poutine Week calls on chefs to serve up their unique take on the French-Canadian classic comfort food. Each restaurant will then offer their singular creations at special prices, encouraging foodies to try as many as possible and vote on their faves.

At the end of the week, there will be awards for Judge’s Choice, Most Original Poutine and Kingsey’s Best Poutine (people’s choice).

With only seven days and so many poutines, the only question is where to begin. Check out the list of restaurants below and get planning!

The Oakwood Bistro Restaurant Cafe

You Benny Believe It (a.m.): Start your day (or have it anytime of day) with two eggs your way, house-made Hollandaise, cheese curds, house-made guac, and diced tomato over hand-cut fries or wedges.

Vladimir Poutine (p.m.): Diced pan-fried perogies, sauerkraut, sauteed onions, bacon, green onion, cheese curds and sour cream drizzle over hand-cut fries with a side of Manitoba Kielbasa. 

White Star Diner

Shepherd’s pie poutine: Crisp home-made fries topped with house-made meat loaf, sweet green peas, squeaky curds and real beef gravy.

Fionn MacCool’s Grant Park

Shepherd’s Pie-tine: Alberta-grown fries topped with Quebec cheese curds, Beretta ground beef, green peas, corn, carrots, signature gravy, grated cheddar blend and green onions.

Crème DeL’Essence

The FunGi Poutine: Roasted mushroom medley and marsala wine gravy, pulled confit chicken, parsley-herbed fries, smoked Swiss cheese, and basil.

Nobside Cafe

La Brewtine Montreal: A local twist on a Montreal smoked meat poutine – crisp fries loaded with Bothwell cheese curds, smothered in Fort Garry Rouge gravy, topped with thinly sliced Montreal smoked meat, drizzled in Smak Dab beer chipotle mustard.

Pineridge Hollow

Dr. Laidlaw’s Green Eggs and Ham Poutine: French fries, New Bothwell cheese curds, Timothy’s Sausage maple pepper bacon, two Nature’s Farm eggs, sausage, gravy, green hollandaise sauce, green onions, crispy shallots and ham.

The Palm Lounge

Smoked Short Rib Poutine: Double-brined house-cut french fries topped with in-house smoked short rib, mushrooms, Bothwell cheese curds and gravy.

Ward 1 Restaurant & Lounge

The Jefferson Highway: Andouille sausage, cream gravy, and Bothwell cheese curds.

Rudy’s Eat & Drink

The Dirty Donald: Duck confit poutine with crispy fries, aged cheddar, roasted garlic sage jus and sour cherry ketchup.

Boon Burger

Carnaval Brazilian BBQ

Carne Louca Poutine: A traditional pulled beef from Brazil turned Canadian – a generous amount of carne louca mixed with grilled pineapple, red peppers and curd cheese on a bed of skinny fries.

Saucers Cafe

Fiesta Poutine: Thick-cut potato wedges and mozzarella cheese curds drenched in guajillo pepper gravy. Layered with adobo chicken, avocado, fresh jalapeños, and cilantro. Then topped with crumbly cojita cheese, and creamy chipotle goat cheese.

Peg City Poutinerie

Korean Steak Fajita Poutine: Fries, cheese curds, gravy, red and yellow bell peppers, caramelized onion, topped with Korean-flavoured steak and sesame seeds.

Carbone Coal Fired Pizza

Jonesy’s Restaurant + Lounge

The Great Poutini: Hand-cut fries, Bothwell curds, gravy, pulled BBQ rib meat, Elman’s dill pickles, green and crispy onions, and a BBQ rib.

Helios Restaurant

Helios Poutine: Home-made tomato gravy over seasoned ground beef prepared with secret Greek herbs and spices. Smothered on top of home-made hand-cut Greek fries all topped off with feta cheese.

Tapp’s Neighbourhood Pub

Tapp’s Tourtiere Pie Poutine: One pound of skinny-cut coated fries, certified Angus beef and ground pork tourtiere pie filling and cheese curds smothered in gravy. Topped with more meat pie filling, green and red diced peppers, melted mozzarella cheese, even more gravy and crispy pie shell strips.

Captain’s Table Restaurant and Lounge

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Skinny fries loaded with roasted chicken, cheese curds, peppery gravy and topped with two crispy coated savoury stuffing balls and a dollop of cranberry sauce.

Green Ninja Eatery + Bakery

Asian Poutine-Pulled Pork Kimchi Fries: Freshly-cut fries topped with sweet yet savoury Asian pulled pork and house-made tangy kimchi. Finished with red pepper aioli, green onions, and toasted sesame seeds. Can be made vegetarian and vegan.

Summit Cafe

Smoky Mountain: Fresh-cut Yukon Gold french fries with smoked chorizo fattie (stuffed with sauteed red peppers and onions, green chillies and cheese) and a rich cheese sauce made with Bothwell Jalapeno Monterey & Old Cheddar, topped with roasted tomatoes. Served with a side of bacon gravy.


Little Poutine on the Prairie: Hand-cut russet potatoes with a family of Saskatoon berries, a community of Bothwell cheddar curds, apple bacon marriage, nuggets of popcorn Manitoba chicken, drizzled with spicy mustard aioli. All smothered in Fort Garry Dark Beer gravy.

Rae’s Bistro + Lounge

Dafft Punk: Rae’s signature beef-rendered fries topped with slow-roasted duck confit, BBQ pork belly, cheese curds, house-smoked provolone, black mission figs, ruby red port and duck gravy, crispy leeks, and a soft-poached egg with Tobasco.

Smitty’s St. James

Philly Melt Poutine: French fries topped with julienne sliced roast beef, sautéed onions, green peppers, sliced mushrooms, cheese curds, gravy and a three-cheese blend.

Smitty’s Garden City

Beef Burger Poutine: How about a poutine burger for La Poutine Week?! French Fries topped with a homemade burger patty (chopped), bacon pieces, onions, tomato, cheese curds and gravy.

Smitty’s Henderson

Crunchy Buffalo Chicken: French Fries topped with cheese curds, chicken tenders tossed in buffalo sauce and smothered with gravy. Garnished with green onions and onion tanglers.

Smitty’s Regent

All-In-One Breakfast Poutine: Sweet potato fries topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, mushrooms, hollandaise and a three-cheese blend. Available all day.

Browns Socialhouse

Jerk Chicken Poutine: Hot marinated jerk chicken with a large helping of mozzarella cheese curds, smothered in Alaskan Highway gravy, built high over HCDC Fries. Topped with extra queso fresco and roasted red pepper.

Pony Corral Grant

Nachos Poutine: Chili, fries, cheese curds, pub mix cheese, diced tomatoes, green onion, jalapenos, and taco seasoning served with nacho chips.

Pony Corral Downtown

Montreal Smoked Meat Poutine: Fries, Montreal smoked meat, cheese curds, pub mix cheese, gravy and mustard, served with toasted rye bread.

Pony Corral Nairn

Reuben Poutine: Grilled rye bread, thousand island dressing, melted mozzarella cheese, cheese curds, fries, grilled corned beef, grilled sauerkraut and gravy. Topped with a pickle.

Pony Corral Pier 7

Golden Boy Poutine: Bun, onion, mustard,  fries, cheese curds, pub mix cheese, gravy, a grilled burger patty with a melted slice of cheese (choice of cheddar, mozzarella, or pepper jack) and three slices of bacon. Garnished with three onion rings.

Original Joe’s St. Vital

Sgt. Pepper: House-cut fries tossed in zesty house-made fry seasoning, piled high with black pepper grilled beef and sauteed banana peppers, then smothered in melty, fresh Quebec cheese curds and delicious, shredded provolone cheese. Topped with gravy and a spicy, creamy kick of house-made chipotle sauce.

The Handsome Daughter

Falafel Poutine: French Fries topped with falafel, tahini, toum, mushroom gravy, roasted red pepper and cheese curds. Vegetarian-friendly.

Tavern United Windsor Park

Manitoba Sociable Poutine: Danny’s Manitoba pulled pork, bacon, red onion, Old Dutch ripple chips, cheddar cheese sauce served over English-cut chips smothered in Royal Crown whisky sauce and “squeaky cheese” curds.

Kyu Slice

Tropical Thunder Poutine: Homestyle fries, freshly cut from locally-grown potatoes, with mozzarella cheese curds, hand-chopped ham and house-made white gravy. Topped with corn, grilled gold pineapple and mandarin, and finished with toasted coconut, black sesame seeds, and green onions.

Kyu Grill

Deluxe O.K.O. Poutine: Okonomiyaki Poutine – savoury egg-pancake, grilled sake-marinated octopus, mozzarella cheese, spicy-unagi sauce, all on fresh-cut Shichimi frites.

Kyu Bistro

Kurobata Nori Poutine: Crisp french fries, chunky mozzarella cheese curds, kurobata pork sausages, in-house hoisin reduction gravy, KYU’s signature mayo, sliced roasted nori and to top it all off, sliced scallions and toasted sesame.

Kyu Bochi

Cambodian Crispy Chicken Panang Curry Poutine: Ultra-crispy french fries, shredded mozzarella cheese, panang curry sauce, KYU’s signature Cambodian Crispy Chicken, a dash of cilantro, purple cabbage and a lime wedge to brighten things up.

Crown Bar & Grill

Potato Pancake Poutine: A giant homemade potato pancake topped with a classic french fry poutine smothered in gravy and cheese curds. Served with a generous portion of sour cream and spiral cut apples.

St. James Burger & Chip Co.

Shepherd’s Pie Poutine: Double-fried, thick-cut chips, spiced with signature St. James Chip Spice, gravy, real mozzarella and cheese curds. 

Prairie 360

It Is Always Sunny at Prairie: Crispy fries with bacon, house-pickled jalapeños and squeaky cheese curds topped with onion gravy and finished with a sunny side up egg and green onions.

Barley Brothers

H.O.P. (Hell Of a Poutine): Hand-cut french fries smothered in beer braised smoked beef brisket and signature lager and cheddar soup, topped off with pickled red onions, scallions and beer battered cheese curds. 

Rossmere Country Club

Pomme n’ Porker: Guinness brined pork belly confit on a mound of fries, topped with brie cheese, and smothered in a cranberry apple gravy. Finished with pork rinds, apple sticks, and fresh micro greens.

The Riverside Inn

Confit Duck Poutine: Hand-cut Kennebec potatoes from Oak Valley Farms, topped with tender confit duck and local Bothwell cheese curds, drizzled with oyster mushroom and grainy mustard gravy and garnished with pickled potatoes.

La Roca

Papas Locas Poutine: Crispy fries served on a skillet topped off with homemade mac and cheese sauce, queso cheese mix, green peppers, red peppers, corn, green onions, fresh-sliced jalapeños and carnitas. Topped with pico de gallo.

Nikos Restaurant

The Pig Mac: Hand-cut fries, Bothwell cheese curds, homemade beef gravy, topped with decadent four-cheese and bacon mac and cheese, eight-hour slow-cooked pulled pork and crowned with homemade sweet and tangy BBQ sauce and caramelized onions.

Marion Street Eatery

The Drunken Baba: House-made fries topped with Bothwell cheese curds, caramelized onion gravy, fresh beets, dill pickles, vodka horseradish cream and a garlic sausage bacon crumble.

Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub

Decadent Tater Tot Poutine: Spicy chicken and bacon with alfredo sauce served over tater tots smothered with a blend of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, drizzled with Frank’s Red hot sauce.

Aaltos Polo Park

Aaltos Eggs Benedict Poutine: Two poached eggs, green onions, ham, bacon and cheese curds over golden savoury breakfast potatoes smothered with hollandaise sauce.


Winnie the Poutine: Hand-cut Kennebec potatoes, covered in homemade red wine demi-glace gravy, topped with local Bothwell cheddar curds, crumbled Manitoba beef, sauteed mushroom and fresh dill, all drizzled with parmesan creme. 

Brazen Hall Kitchen and Brewery


Prime Rib Poutine: Slow-roasted prime rib, Bothwell cheese curds, horseradish au jus, arugula, wasabi aioli, horissa (chilli purée) and Yorkshire crisps.

Hot Rod’s Grill at Vickar Ford

Hot Rod’s Sweet Pork Longanisa Poutine: Crispy golden fries, slices of Hot Rod’s premium lean sweet pork longanisa sausages, Bothwell SqueaK’r white cheese curds, and savoury adobo pork gravy. Garnished with spring onions and roasted sesame seeds.


The Friendly Manitoban: Carberry grown potatoes and Bothwell cheese curds topped with braised lamb from All Natural Meats and a rich sauce made from Manitoba beets. A house-made Smak Dab horseradish honey aioli, and a fried egg from Nature’s Farm.

Boulevard Pub & Bistro

Prime Rib Poutine: House-cut fries topped with cheese curds, mouth-watering prime rib, served with half a Yorkshire pudding, green onion, and drenched in homemade gravy. Drizzled with horseradish sour cream.

Mon Ami Louis

Bison Chili Poutine: House-cut fries with hot bison chili, cilantro crème fraiche, jalapenos and sharp cheddar.

Fusian Sushi

Sockeye Poutine: Crispy tofu topped with Bothwell smoked gouda, spicy marinated wild sockeye salmon, tortilla crisps and chopped jalapenos.

Bernstein’s Deli

Brisket & Latke Fry Poutine: Potato latke fries with Marla’s beef brisket, Bothwell squeak’rs and green onion smothered in bone marrow gravy and brisket juice.

Elephant and Castle 

The Yorkie Poutine: Yorkshire pudding stuffed with crispy fries, roast beef, authentic cheese curds, housemade gravy, topped with horseradish aioli and parsley garnish. 

Bouchée Boucher

Saint Ruben: Corned beef, sauerkraut, mustard Demi, thousand island dressing and fries. Covered in gruyere cheese.

One Great City Brewing Co.

No Walls Allowed Mexi-Can Poutine: Poutine with crispy fries, chorizo crumbles, mole gravy, Mexican cheese blend, chimichurri aioli and scallions.

Le Garage Cafe

In the Belly of Madness: House-smoked pork belly with gouda cheese, Bothwell curds, house gravy and double-smoked bacon jam.


Yorkie Prime Rib Breakfast Poutine: Yorkshire pudding filled with crispy golden pommes anna creamer potatoes, slow-roasted prime rib of roast beef, softly poached eggs, a baby portabella and shallot horseradish relish, brûlée red wine white cheddar and a cabernet hollandaise gravy.

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