7 Tips to Make the Most of Le Burger Week Winnipeg

When it comes to Le Burger Week, there are two types of Winnipeggers: those who dabble and those who dive right in. Either way, getting the best burger for your buck can be a challenge.

For all you dabblers, deciding on a select few creations can seem next to impossible. And for the full-fledged divers among us, where do we even begin?

With more than 115 entries on the menu, even the most ambitious of burger gluttons doesn’t stand a chance of taking down the entire lineup (which, by the way, looks ridiculously delicious and can be viewed at the bottom of this article).

Nuburger Regent’s SeoulMate

According to Daniel Gurevich, organizer of the Le Burger Week Winnipeg, “most people who are pretty serious about it try one or two burgers a day, and the real hardcore fanatic will typically have two to three per day.”

And while Gurevich does know of one local hero who wolfed down a whopping 35 burgers in seven days, even that is less than a third of this year’s lineup. So what’s a Le Burger Week lover to do?

Glad you asked. With the help of Gurevich, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you make the most of Le Burger Week. Check it out below, and bon appetit!

Saddlery on Market’s Bison Mac n’ Cheese Burger 2.0

1. Plan ahead. With more than 115 entries to choose from, Le Burger Week demands some extremely difficult decisions. Going in blind only makes those decisions harder. One proven strategy is to map out the burgers geographically. If you know you’ll be in a certain neighbourhood at a certain time (or want to stay close to home), focus on restaurants in that area. This approach will also help cut down on travel time (and cost) if you plan on hitting multiple spots in the same day. Another strategy is to focus on burger type: if you don’t like chicken, or if your burger absolutely MUST have bacon, use the process of elimination to narrow down your choices. Either way, don’t leave it to the last minute; you’ll end up settling for whatever’s most convenient (or missing out entirely).

The Oakwood Cafe‘s La Svizzerina

2. Rally the troops. Burgers are good. Burgers with friends are better. Gathering the squad is both a great way to make your Le Burger Week experience more enjoyable and to try more burgers. By cutting your burgers in half (or even in thirds or quarters), you’ll be able to visit that many more restaurants. Plus, trading notes about the burgers you collectively eat is a great way to bond in the best way possible — over food.

3. Skip the sides. We get it. Nothing goes with a big beefy burger like an order of fries (and an ice cold beer). But Le Burger Week is not the time for sides and appetizers. The star of the show is the burger, and it should be treated as such. While you can order soup, salad and milkshakes anytime, Le Burger Week’s signature creations are available for seven days only — so make the most of them. Oh, and don’t be afraid to order water. It will leave more room for burgers.

One Great City‘s Enemy of the Steak

4. Don’t skip lunch. While most Le Burger Week burgers are consumed in the evening (think dinners and late night snacks), noon hours are a perfect time to put a dent in your burger bucket list. Whether you go alone, meet someone for lunch or gather the work crew, chances are pretty good there’s at least one participating restaurant within walking distance of your office (or school). Local food delivery services (and delivery from some of the participating restaurants themselves) also make it easier than ever to enjoy a burger without even leaving your desk.

5. Mix things up. While eating as many burgers as possible is a noble goal, it’s not all about quantity. The beauty of Le Burger Week is the creativity among the chefs, so why not take a bite on the wild side and try something you couldn’t have the other 51 weeks of the year? In addition to some truly outrageous takes on the classic beef burger, there are more than 20 non-beef options worth considering. Another way to step outside your comfort zone is hitting up that restaurant you’ve been meaning to check out forever (or the one you’ve never even heard of). Who knows? You might even find your next favourite restaurant.

Boon Burger’s Nasty Vegan Mushroom Chedda Melt

6. Read reviews. While taste is entirely subjective, getting some intel can help with the process of elimination. Before visiting a restaurant, check their reviews on Yelp, Zomato and Facebook: if they’re overwhelmingly positive or negative, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Searching the restaurant’s hashtag on Twitter and Instagram can provide some valuable inside information as well. It’s also not a bad idea to start a group chat with fellow Le Burger Week lovers and send recommendations (and of course pics!) whenever any of you try something new.

7. Make room. “The common jokes are to wear your stretchy pants or eat nothing but salad the week before,” Gurevich says. But all jokes aside, our bodies are used to consuming a certain number of calories — and Le Burger Week burgers tend to take up a lot of those calories. So instead of overeating and feeling full all week, avoid other heavy foods and try to space out your meals. As mom always used to say, “Don’t spoil your appetite!”

Confusion Corner’s Bacon Mushroom Cheddar Melt Burger

Check out this year’s complete Le Burger Lineup (with pics) here, and don’t forget to vote at leburgerweek.com.

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