Sip Your Way Through The Exchange During Hot Beverage Week

As certain coffee shops celebrate the Holiday Season with festive red cups (year after year), a group of Exchange District hot spots are taking things to a whole other level.

From Dec. 8-15, more than a dozen of the area’s best restaurants, bars and cafes will participate in Hot Beverage Week. For one week and one week only, local baristas and bartenders will serve up a series of creative signature drinks with a holiday spin. What better way to warm up on a chilly winter day than with a Gingerbread Latte or a Maple Ginger Hot Apple Cider?

Thanks to Hot Beverage Week, you can have both. In the same day. In fact, with a total of 13 offerings you can make it your personal mission to try them all and vote on your favourites. Here’s the complete lineup.

Across the Board Game Cafe: Apples to Apples

Need your daily fruit fix? Start with locally-grown and -pressed Manitoba apple cider from Crampton’s, add a splash of lemon juice, a cinnamon stick and an (optional) ounce of Jameson whiskey, and garnish with a slice of lemon. Your doctor would be proud.

Blufish: Jasmine Sake Warmer

Why choose between sake and tea when you don’t have to? This libation from Blufish contains three ounces of warm sake mixed with a touch of brown sugar and lemon juice, topped with Jasmine tea and garnished with fresh lemon and thyme.

Bronuts: Gingerbread Latte

A shot of espresso and steamed milk complemented by rich dark molasses, ginger, and spices. If you have it to stay, they’ll even rim your mug with crushed candy cane. Now that’s what we call Christmas in a cup.

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Cake-Ology: Cake-Ology Hot Chocolate

Creamy hot cocoa topped with homemade marshmallows and served with a sampling of hot chocolate fudge. Enough said.

Chosabi: Vietnamese Latte

Featuring condensed milk and silky steamed milk along with two shots of rich espresso, and finished with a layer of foam, Chosabi’s take on the Vietnamese latte will kick-start your morning, afternoon or evening.

Cordova Tapas and Wine: Dark Obsession

Take your taste buds on a trip through Belgium and France with this chocolate/wine combo that’ll warm you up on even the coldest of winter nights.

Forth Bar: Chilean Fog

This cocktail takes its inspiration from visions of Andean peaks capped in mist. Frothy, semi-sweet and floral, it includes Pisco Capel, Bergamot, lemon, almond milk and sugar.

Forth Cafe: The Golden Girl

A blend of fresh ginger, cardamom, turmeric and black pepper, this masterpiece is steamed with medjool dates and coconut milk, and topped with bee pollen. Soothing, creamy and comforting, with a kick: it’s like all the Golden Girls in one mug.

King + Bannatyne: Maple Ginger Hot Apple Cider

This house-pressed McIntosh and Red Delicious hot apple cider is spiced with fresh ginger, orange zest, cinnamon and real Canadian maple syrup. Enjoy it with or without a shot of Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum.

Miss Browns: The Chocolate Tim Murphy

Detour espresso + Heritage Hills Irish whiskey + cocoa powder + steamed milk = ultimate comfort. Throw in a Tim Tam (an Australian chocolate biscuit), and you won’t even need dinner.

Parlour: Neopolitan

A short shot of Dogwood espresso is great by itself. A short shot of Dogwood espresso whisked into Belgian chocolate, a strawberry cardamom compote, and freshly cracked black pepper is divine. Oh, and they top it up with steamed half-and-half cream for good measure.

Peg Beer Co.: The Winnipeg Winter Warmer

Inspired by long mornings of shoveling snow, the bourbon will provide a boozy kick while the hot chocolate and the Belgian Stout syrup create a gingerbread-like warmth to remind you of other winter treats.

Saddlery on Market: Saddlery Cinnamon Eggnog

This festive cocktail combines creamy Rumchata, port and cinnamon-infused whiskey eggnog. It may be cool to the taste, but it’s sure to warm your soul.

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