Winnipeg VegFest: Animal Lovers Unite

Calling all animal lovers, vegetarians, vegans and the veg-curious: there’s finally an event catered specifically to you.

Winnipeg VegFest will take place at The University of Winnipeg Axworthy Health and RecPlex all day on Saturday, Sept. 16. While vegetarians and vegans are well versed in the benefits of being meat-free, VegFest hopes to educate the community about the joys and advantages of compassionate living. And best of all, the one-day event is totally free.

Fun experiment: ask your favourite vegan or vegetarian what the most common questions and/or concerns they receive from their carnivorous friends are. We’re not fortune tellers, but we’re willing to bet they’re all something along the lines of these:

“How do you stay healthy without any protein?”

“Do you just eat salad for every meal?”

“Is it hard? I could never give up meat.”

“Being vegan isn’t healthy. Humans are supposed to eat meat.”

One of the most important aspects of VegFest will be to dispel the myth that a healthy, meat-free diet is impossible or unattainable. With delicious vegan fare from Stella’s, Affinity Vegetarian Garden, Fauxnola, Feast Cafe Bistro, The Velvet Glove and other awesome restaurants, you’ll be able to taste the truth for yourself.

The Indigenous-style open taco from Feast Cafe Bistro.

Speaking of food, there will also be a competition dedicated entirely to vegan Mac n’ Cheese. The SMACDOWN is on the hunt for Winnipeg’s best vegan mac ‘n cheese, and they’ll be in need of taste testers. Contestants will be evaluated on aroma, texture, flavor, and originality.

You’ll also have the opportunity to shop til you drop, the cruelty-free way. Local vendors include Generation Green, The Herbal Market, Fresh Forage, Terrariums by Elise, and many more. The event will also feature a designated children’s area with family-friendly entertainment (including a Hobbyhorse Contest!), making it the perfect Saturday activity for the whole gang.

Come for the food, but stay for the conversation. With knowledgeable speakers including Carol J. Adams, Leilani Münter, Krista Hiddema, and Mimi Kirk, topics will range from animal rights and welfare to sustainability and environmental health – issues that should matter to everyone.

Leilani Münter

Compassionate living starts with education, and Winnipeg VegFest is the perfect place to teach children about the importance of sustainability and compassion. See you there!

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