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Bronuts: Your friendly neighbourhood donut shop

Three things happen each time we step into Bronuts’ bright and airy Exchange District shop:

 We instantly feel happy as we’re met with a warm welcome from the staff. More often than not, this includes one of the owners, Brett.

 The drool-worthy donut display has us wondering how we’ll possibly muster up the self-discipline to choose just one to accompany our cup of coffee. More often than not, self-discipline fails.

 We wish we could spend the morning with a book, a project, or a pal and bask in the warm, soft sunlight that fills the space.

It’s the kind of place that exudes positivity and, simply put, it’s the kind of coffee shop that always makes us feel right at home.

Winnipeg may be one great city, but owners Meghan Zahari, Brett Zahari and Dylan Zahari (yep, they’re family) felt there was a hole in the landscape of our growing food scene. It wasn’t until they spent time travelling that they discovered what was missing in Winnipeg: a gourmet donut and coffee shop.

As it turns out, their instincts were right. Bronuts Donuts opened in the spring of 2015 and Winnipeggers were most definitely here for it. On their very first day, they had a 50-metre lineup around the corner (before the shop even opened!) and sold out in ninety minutes. The product was in such high demand that people were buying donuts off lucky customers on their way out of the shop. Some even said it was easier to score Jets tickets than it was to land a Bronut donut. It’s safe to assume that’s where #gonutsforbronuts came from.

Oh, and did we mention that Meghan and Brett welcomed their first child that SAME week? Who else is having heart palpitations right now?

Two and a half years later, Bronuts has become an everyday favourite for locals and a must-try for tourists. Their irresistible creations are made fresh each morning with simple ingredients like flour, sugar, locally-sourced eggs and butter, and everything (the dough, the glazes, the custards, the jams, etc.), is made from scratch.

Simply put, they do donuts really, really well.

Bronuts keeps their menu fresh by constantly developing new recipes that rotate with the seasons. For example, they have a ridiculous Eggnog Crème Brûlée donut during the Christmas holidays. And since you can’t enjoy autumn without a little pumpkin spice action, they have a Pumpkin Cheesecake donut that’s truly unforgettable.

While some people love the more creative flavours like Matcha Dip or the Coconut Rose (which is made with rose water and gets its gorgeous pink shade from hibiscus!), others flock to the simple and nostalgia-inducing ones like Vanilla Dip with Sprinkles. Bonus: with the simple donuts, you’ll be able to really taste the dough, which took 90 tries and artisan dough courses in San Fransisco to perfect.

Since you can’t have a donut without a cup of java, they’re proud to serve high-quality espresso and drip coffee from Transcend. If tea is more your style, you can enjoy a wide variety of flavours from Namasthé Tea Company. They’ve even added sodas with housemade syrup to the menu!

With tons of comfy seating and a warm, friendly atmosphere, Bronuts is a place where you can stay awhile – even with young children. Since Meghan and Brett’s daughter has been around for as long as the shop, Bronuts has always been a safe and family-friendly place (complete with high-chairs and changing tables) where parents love to bring their kids.

Meghan, Brett and Dylan also have a hidden agenda when it comes to their business. While they enjoy making delectable donuts, what they really love is being able to use Bronuts as a vehicle to get involved in the community. Whether they’re donating a portion of their proceeds to Black Space Winnipeg, The Dream Factory, or Take Back the Night, or displaying art in the shop from children and adults from Art City Winnipeg, they’re using their platform to make a difference in the city.

And because they share our love for community and supporting local, Bronuts is offering We Heart Winnipeg cardholders 20% off orders of six or more donuts. That’s certainly something to go nuts over.

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