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Flourish Music Studio: Cultivating Creativity, One Lesson At A Time

With the wrong teacher, music lessons can feel like a chore. With the right teacher, they can foster a lifelong love for art, creativity and learning. Havilah Mogilevsky is one of those right teachers.

As the woman behind Winnipeg’s Flourish Music Studio, Havilah offers up lessons for students of all ages and skill levels (she’s worked with children as young as three years old and adults enjoying their retirement). With years of experience in everything from music history to vocal performance, she specializes in voice, piano and theory.

But even more impressive than her experience is Havilah’s passion for helping students achieve their personal best. She approaches each lesson with a focus on the individual’s goals and works to build on skills and techniques that will provide the foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. And because Flourish believes in providing the best learning environment for each student, they offer lessons in either the comfort of your own home or their studio at 339 Pembina Hwy.

“Our philosophy revolves around how music can be used holistically in education and therapy and its many benefits. Music is not only a skill to be learned and mastered, but a means for exploring one’s self; a creative outlet and a method for healing. This is incorporated into every lesson to create a fulfilling and rewarding experience.” – Havilah Mogilevsky

But best of all, Flourish Music Studio shows their love for the local music community by offering We Heart Winnipeg members 25% off of a four-lesson bundle of music lessons (piano or singing). If you’re not a member yet, get the card here and start saving money at some of the best places in Winnipeg to eat, drink and shop.

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