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PVG's Breakfast Club: Gourmet Grilled Cheese At Its Gooiest

It’s a menu that even Principal Vernon would appreciate.

PVG’s Breakfast Club owner and chef Paul VanGinkel has taken the gooey goodness of grilled cheese and somehow made it even better. Never one to blend into the crowd, he puts a unique spin on the iconic sandwiches by filling them with fresh, local, homemade ingredients.

His diverse grilled cheese menu ranges from the meaty Canadian (smoked farmers sausage, bacon, cheddar and homemade garlic aioli), to the crazy-good (and kinda healthy?!) Applini (caramelized apples, brie, cinnamon and maple syrup).

And although he’s mastered the grilled cheese, his creativity doesn’t stop there. Take the Bruschetta Burger, for example: homemade beef and pork patty topped with fresh bruschetta, garlic, basil, lemon zest, plus thick-cut bacon and gooey mozzarella, served on a fresh egg bun from Winnipeg’s City Bread. Since you can’t eat a burger without some fries, you can add those on, too.

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