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Peg City Car Co-op: Building Community With Carsharing

Ever wish you had unlimited access to wheels without the cost and aggravation of vehicle ownership? Peg City Car Co-op has you covered.

Back in June 2011, Peg City launched in Winnipeg with three vehicles and the dream of providing a flexible, practical and affordable transportation solution for people who don’t own cars. Seven years later, the city’s first and only car-share program has 30 vehicles and more than 1,000 members.

While the concept of carsharing still relatively new to Winnipeg, it has become popular in major urban centres around the world and revolves around the idea of paying for a car only when you need one — instead of when you don’t. In addition to eliminating the countless costs of car ownership, it promotes the use of transit, walking and cycling.

So how does it work exactly? Simple.

Upon registering for one of Peg City Car Co-op’s membership packages, you receive an access key and and online account that allows you to book a vehicle –where you want it, when you want it, and for as long as you want it. The best way to think of it is like a library book: borrow, use, return. Bookings can be made as far as one year in advance or on the very day you need a vehicle.

With 30 designated parking spots located in and around central Winnipeg (including the Corydon, Osborne, South Osborne, West End, Wolseley, U of W, Spence, Exchange District and Downtown neighbourhoods), you’re sure to find one that’s close and/or convenient.

And whether you’re running errands, road trippin’ or picking up a canoe, their selection of compact cars, cargo vans, and even pickup trucks, has you covered. Their fleet even includes hybrid and electric vehicles.

Best of all, Peg City’s membership packages include the cost of everything from fuel and insurance to maintenance, repairs and cleaning. And as awesome as car-sharing is for you (and your wallet), it’s just as awesome for the environment. In addition to cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion, fewer vehicles on the road reduces the need for parking.

“We see carsharing as a social and environmental choice that supports community transit goals, such as decreasing personal car ownership, improving urban land use and development, providing affordable access to vehicles, motivating people to walk, cycle and use public transit.”

– Peg City Car Co-op

Another thing we love about Peg City Car Co-op is that they share our love for supporting local.

In addition to collaborating with arts organizations, community events and other Winnipeg-centric initiatives, they reward their members for shopping at various small businesses throughout the city (including Fools + Horses, Generation Green and many more): just get a stamp when you make a purchase and once your promo card is full, redeem it for a $10 driving credit.

We have partnered with @synonymartconsultation to bring you some art on-the-go! Since 2012, Synonym Art Consultation has curated and facilitated over 100 different art installations and events in various venues across Winnipeg, always with the goal of making contemporary art more accessible to the public. . Designed by local artist Trevor Thomas, this incredible wrap was added to one of our vehicles in August (thanks to the experts at Shark Bait Auto Graphics!) and over the next year we will be rotating this car throughout the neighbourhoods in our network, so all of our members will have the opportunity to run their errands or roll up to their work meetings in style. Check out our blog at for more details about this wild collaboration! [Group photos by Emily Christie]

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As of September 2018, Peg City Car Co-op is also offering We Heart Winnipeg members a $50 driving credit when opening a new account (both full members and casual drivers). Just use the promo code WEHEARTPEGCITY upon registration and flash your card when you pick up your key fob. Happy carsharing, Winnipeg!

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