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Polished Cleaning Services: Battling Dust Bunnies So You Don't Have To

Living in a clean house is awesome. The actual cleaning part? Not so much.

Thankfully for Winnipeg, the crew over at Polished Cleaning Services make it their mission to take a stand against dirt and give us back the gift of time. Whether you need a last-minute cleanup or regular service (residential or commercial), Polished is a one-stop shop for all the things you’d rather not do yourself (or keep putting off and never get to).

We’re talking those necessary but annoying chores like sweeping, vacuuming, washing and folding laundry, battling dust bunnies, scrubbing windows, and cleaning out the fridge, not to mention snow clearing, lawn care and more. If your schedule happens to be extra jam-packed, they’ll even take care of your grocery pickup and meal prep.

And not to worry … they also happen to have a special place in their hearts for the most exasperated of homeowners: those with pets. In addition to tackling the endless task of fur cleanup – and doing a darn good job of it – they’re more than happy to feed your fur babies and let your pooches outside while they tidy up. With their love for pets, it’s no surprise Polished has a CEO (Cat Executive Officer) named Franklin Fish Fillets III, who joined the team in 2012.

Franklin Fish Fillets III, CEO (Cat Executive Officer) of Polished Cleaning Services

But as paw-some as Franklin is, it’s the people behind Polished that truly make the company shine.

Since launching in 2009, co-owners Angela Howie and Ande Adair have been committed to using environmentally-friendly cleaning products, giving back to the community and empowering their employees. In addition to donating to local non-profits like Cancer Care Manitoba and the Christmas Cheer Board and volunteering their time regularly, Howie and Adair pay their staff a living wage and encourage a healthy work-life balance among their #DreamCleanTeam.

“We noticed early on that a lot of our staff were single mothers working several jobs to make ends meet. By paying them significantly more than minimum wage, we help our employees to meet the basic needs of their family and work only one job … We also schedule our staff to ensure their daycare hours are minimized. By helping with flexible shifts and training we are able to help parents go to that school play or to see their kids’ soccer games.” 

Angela Howie, Co-founder of Polished Cleaning Services

Another initiative that sets Polished apart is their ‘Pay It Forward’ program, which allows people to nominate fellow Winnipeggers for complimentary cleaning services. Among the latest nominees were a Manitoba Mutts foster mother who houses A LOT of pups and a couple who work full-time while raising a daughter with Down syndrome.

To show their love for local, Polished also gives We Heart Winnipeg members 25% off their first four cleans. Get the card and see our full list of partner businesses here.

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